Ingersoll making big-scale spacecraft components with new Mongoose machine


A Rockford company’s latest product is massive, and that matches the size of the project the machine will be a part of.

“Jeff Bezos, the richest person in the world, is personally following this project,” boasted Tino Oldani, President and CEO of Ingersoll Machine Tools.

Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has a passion for space, which is why he created a company called Blue Origin, and Ingersoll is one of the company’s partners.

“Once again, we are the first in Rockford to step into a new era, with a new product in what is going to be the future of manufacturing for space vehicles,” Oldani said.

The new product is something called “Mongoose”, a 5-story behemoth, the largest fiber replacement machine in the world.

Ingersoll also made the previous record-holder. The machines manufacture composite parts for the aerospace industry.

Composites are made up of fibers – often carbon – bonded with resin or epoxy. New aircraft designs, like Boeing’s 787, use composites instead of aluminum. 

Ingersoll is responsible for a lot of that.

“Our machines, our technology, our processes, are making 70% of the carbon fiber fuselage,” Oldani said.

The new frontier is space travel, and that’s Mongoose’s mission. Blue Origin will use the machine to make big spacecraft components, like cryogenic tanks and fairings.

Oldani says the space partnership isn’t just good for him, his company, and his employees: it’s good for Rockford.

Many local businesses made the Mongoose project possible.

“This is extremely important because we will continue to bring this message to other areas,” Oldani said. “And, Ingersoll will continue to be a Rockford company and we’ll continue to be a successful company in the manufacturing area, pulling together as well as all the other sub contractors that we have around the area, because that is extremely important. And that is, for us, probably the best, most positive aspect of this adventure.”

Oldani says workforce is key for staying successful, and Ingersoll has openings right now in a wide range of positions.

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