CANADA (WTVO) — A six-year-old boy is upset that he didn’t turn into a werewolf after being attacked by a coyote at a park.

According to the CBC, residents of Airdrie, Alberta are being asked to keep an eye out for the coyote, which was shot with brightly colored paint after the attack at a festival at Nose Creek Park on Monday.

The boy’s mom, Elizabeth Dawn, said her son’s snowsuit protected him from being seriously injured, and her boyfriend was able to kick the coyote off the child.

“However, he is a bit upset he has not turned into a werewolf yet,” she wrote.

“The parks department is very concerned with the brazenness of the coyote(s) in this area. They are taking immediate action to maintain safety,” the City said in a news release following the incident, advising residents who encounter a coyote to “make yourself appear large, wave arms, throw objects, and shout while maintaining eye contact.  If it approaches, don’t run — back away slowly.”