Afghan women protesting Taliban’s hijab mandate by posting pictures in dresses


The iconic Taliban flag is painted on a wall outside the American embassy compound in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

KABUL, Afghanistan (WTVO) – Afghan women around the globe are posting pictures on social of themselves in colorful dresses, in protest of the Taliban’s new requirement of wearing hijabs in school.

The Taliban recently mandated that genders will be separated in classrooms, and that all females in the school, students and staff alike, will be required to wear hijabs, according to CNN. This new mandate has reportedly come to light due to the Taliban’s interpretation of Sharia law.

Now, Afghan women around the globe are protesting by ditching the hijab and posting pictures online of themselves in colorful dresses. The women say that the dresses are traditional, and are what women in Afghanistan usually wear.

Shekiba Teimori, an Afghan singer who recently fled the city of Kabul in response to the Talbian’s takeover, was one of the women who posted a picture of herself.

“[The] hijab existed before Kabul’s fall. We could see Hijabi women, but this was based on family decisions and not the government,” Teimori said. She mentioned how the dresses that are being posted have been around since before the Taliban was even in Afghanistan, and that women then were “wearing the same colorful Afghan dresses you see in my pictures.”

Ever since the Taliban claimed the country’s capital in August, the fate of women in Afghanistan has been a major concern, seeing as they were treated as second-class citizens when the Taliban was last in power, between 1996 and 2001.

While the Taliban has stated that they will not enforce this kind of treatment now that they are back in power, there is currently no female representation in the new government, and Afghan women have reportedly mostly stayed off of the streets since the Taliban took control.

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