MEXICO CITY (WTVO) — Two corpses alleged to be thousand-year-old aliens were revealed at a congressional hearing on Tuesday in Mexico.

The two “non-human” specimens were presented during a public congressional hearing on unidentified anomalous phenomena in Mexico City.

Photo: Mexican Chamber of Deputies.

“We are going to present two beings that were recovered in Peru in a diatom mine, they are dried bodies found between the cities of Palpa and Nazca in 2017 that have been deeply investigated both by investigative journalists and scientists, who here today are going to make known some of their extraordinary conclusions,” said Mexican journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan moments before the alleged aliens were displayed.

The two mummified remains were presented in display cases and appeared humanoid, with short statures, elongated skulls and three fingers.

“They have been here for hundreds of years, and at least twenty of their bodies were informally unearthed,” said Jois Mantilla, an investigator of extraterrestrial communications.

At least three recovered specimens were found to be carrying eggs, and analyzed DNA of the specimens matched no other species on the planet, according to the report.

Investigators presented images of “non-human” bodies with eggs inside. Photo: Mexican Chamber of Deputies.

“We do not want to call them extraterrestrials because we do not know, but these beings were evidently intelligent, lived with our ancestors, and will change the history of humanity,” said Maussan.

An analysis of the bodies by forensic specialist Dr. Jose Benitez determined an average age of 1000 years old.

“The head is an element of particular interest since it is large in its proportions compared to the body,” said Dr. Benitez. The bodies also displayed bones that are “strong but light, like those of a bird,” according to Benitez.

An analysis of the alleged alien specie was conducted by Dr. Jose Benitez. Photo: Mexican Chamber of Deputies.

Maussan has previously been connected to alien claims that were later proven false, however the journalist testified under oath that he believed the bodies were not terrestrial in origin.

In 2015, Maussan unveiled a supposed alien body that was later found to be the remains of a child with a head deformity.

Also present at the hearing was Ryan Graves, the former U.S. Navy Pilot who testified about the existence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) to the United States Congress in July.