INDIA (WTVO) — A four-month-old baby was killed after being snatched from his parents by monkeys and thrown off a building.

It happened at a home in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh state, on Friday, according to Metro. Nirdesh Upadhyay, the baby’s father, had reportedly brought the infant out onto the home’s third-floor terrace with his wife after a power outage.

“We were actually preparing for my elder son’s birthday. My younger son started crying, so I took him to the terrace,” Upadyay said to The Times of India.

According to local reports, the gang of monkeys jumped over from another roof and surrounded the family. Some tried to run inside the house, but one grabbed the child and threw him off the roof.

“After a while, some monkeys jumped from another roof and two of them attacked me,” Upadyay said. “One of them seemed to be leading the troop, and grabbed my son. I screamed for help and then rushed down to find my son spattered in blood.”

The Indian state is home to large populations of rhesus monkeys that have been known to attack people, but divisional forest officer Samir Kumar said that such attacks are not normal.

“The incident was very unfortunate. Such behavior is not normal and may require further study to be experts,” Kumar said. “The forest department is trying to take away some of the monkeys from densely-populated areas. Locals can also take permission and help us.”

There has been an increase of violent primate incidents in the area as of late. On February 7, a five-year-old girl was grabbed by monkeys in Bareilly’s Bichpuri village. The animals reportedly ripped her skin off, and she later died of excessive bleeding. A woman and her four children were also killed two years ago when a group of monkeys pushed bricks down a broken wall in the Shahjahanpur district, burying them alive.