WEST YORKSHIRE, England (WTVO) — Calling a man “bald” is a form of sexual harassment, a British tribunal has ruled.

The ruling was made after Tony Finn, a worker for the British Bung Company, which manufactures wooded casks, was fired last May after spending 24 years with the company.

According to CNBC, Finn took the company to court claiming he had been a victim of sexual harassment.

Finn claimed that his shift supervisor, Jamie King, called him a “bald c***” in July 2019.

“It is difficult to conclude other than that Mr. King uttered those words with the purpose of violating [Finn’s] dignity and creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for him,” the judgment read. “Of his own admission, Mr. King’s intention was to threaten [Finn] and to insult him. In our judgment, there is a connection between the word ‘bald’ on the one hand and the protected characteristic of sex on the other.

The tribunal decided that baldness was more prevalent in men than women, and argued the word “bald” was intended as an insult, according to The Guardian.

The three men upon the tribunal drew upon their own lack of hair when coming to their decision, they said.

The tribunal compared its ruling to a prior case where a man was found to have sexually harassed a woman by making a remark about the size of her breasts.

“It is much more likely that a person on the receiving end of a comment such as that which was made in [that] case would be female,” the tribunal said. “So too, it is much more likely that a person on the receiving end of a remark such as that made by Mr. King would be male.”

The date for determining Finn’s compensation from the ruling has yet to be set.