NEW ZEALAND (WTVO) — Parents of a four-year-old baby are being taken to court over their refusal to allow for life-saving heart surgery to proceed unless non-vaccinated blood is used.

According to The Guardian, the baby boy has severe pulmonary valve stenosis and needs emergency surgery, but the infant’s parents say they are fearful the doctors will use “blood that is tainted by vaccination,” according to the father. “That’s the end of the deal – we are fine with anything else these doctors want to do.”

Auckland’s health service, Te Whatu Ora, filed suit with the high court on Monday, asking for guardianship of the child so consent could be given to allow donated blood to be used.

The nation’s blood service, NZ Blood, said any COVID-19 vaccine in the bloodstream is broken down soon after the injection is received.

“All donated blood also gets filtered during processing, so any trace amounts that may still be present poses no risk to recipients,” the service said.

On Wednesday, the parents and the hospital appeared in court to set a date for a hearing in the case.