Study: COVID-19 doesn’t appear to affect lung function of young people


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(WTVO/WIVB) — COVID-19 does not appear to affect the lung function of young people, according to a new study.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden looked at a group of patients with an average age of 22.

“Our analysis showed similar lung function irrespective of COVID-19 history,” said Dr. Ida Mogensen, lead researcher, according to News Medical Life Sciences. “When we included 123 participants with asthma in the analysis, the 24% who had had COVID-19 tended towards having a slightly lower lung function, but this was not statistically significant.”

The researchers did say more research is needed on asthma sufferers.

“These results are reassuring for young adults. However, we will continue to analyze data from more people. In particular, we want to look more closely at people with asthma as the group in this study was fairly small. We are also curious as to whether the length of time after the infection is important, as well as the severity of disease and symptoms.”

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