ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO/WQRF) — Following a recent zebra attack in Ohio that sent one man to the hospital after it was reported his pet Zebra nearly bit his arm off, the question of whether it is legal to own a Zebra in Illinois is raised.

At the scene in Ohio, first responders were forced to shoot and kill the Zebra shortly after as they continued investigating the scene. They said the Zebra seemed poised and ready to attack responding officers.

Zebras, although owned by individuals, are not domesticated animals the way horses can be.

“Zebras are strong animals that learned to defend themselves quite well. They lack camouflage and therefore will try to fight even big predators. A kick from a zebra can easily kill hyenas and lions if they hit the right zones of the body.”

When it comes to the ownership of exotic pets, some states are more regulated than others. Currently, 20 states have what can be called “comprehensive bans.”

Illinois is one of those states with a comprehensive ban.

According to a list of 45 animals that are illegal to own in Illinois, Zebras are not on the list, therefore making them legal to own.