(WTVO) — In Driver’s Ed, students are instructed to drive using their right foot to operate both the accelerator and brake pedal in a car.

But is there a law against driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake?

The answer is no, it is not illegal to drive using both feet in any of the 50 states.

There was a prior prohibition on driving with two feet because cars were often equipped with a manual transmission, for which the left foot would be used to operate the mechanical clutch.

Currently, 96% of cars sold in the U.S. are automatic, with manual transmissions disproportionately reserved for sports cars, according to Fix.

While driving with two feet on the pedals is perfectly legal, it is not advisable, experts say.

If both feet press upon both pedals at once, damage can result in the car’s torque converter, transmission, or brake fluid.

It is also possible that the operator could press on the gas instead of the brake in an emergency, according to Vox.