ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — We’ve all been there: headed down a two-lane city street when the driver in front of you pauses for oncoming traffic, waiting to make a left-hand turn.

Is it legal to pass a vehicle on the right if the driver is turning left?

According to the Illinois Vehicle Code, a driver can overtake and pass a vehicle that is turning left on the right only if conditions permit such movement in safety, and only if the roadway has “sufficient width for two or more lines of vehicles moving lawfully” in the same direction, or at intersections widened for the purpose of vehicles passing on the right.

The law also allows for passing on the right on a one-way street if the roadway is free of obstructions and of sufficient width for 2 or more lines of moving vehicles.

So, no, in the above scenario, it is not legal to go around someone stopped to turn left at a two-lane city intersection unless the intersection has been widened for the purpose of vehicles passing on the right. You’re legally required to wait until the driver turns before proceeding.

The Illinois Vehicle Code goes further to outlaw passing any car within 100 feet of an intersection or railroad crossing.

It is also illegal for drivers of any two-wheeled vehicle, such as a motorcycle, to pass any vehicle on the right unless there is an unobstructed lane of traffic available, according to Illinois law.