ISP Organize Night Patrols for the Holiday Weekend


“If you’re driving drunk this weekend, we’re going to be looking for you and we’re going to put you in jail,” said District 16 Illinois State Police Lieutenant Carl Heintz.

Illinois State Police are cracking down to combat traffic deaths this weekend. Night patrols will be beefed up to catch those breaking the law.

“We’re going to be looking for DUI’s and people not wearing their safety belts,” said Heintz. “Two very simple laws, really very simple, but people still choose to not obey them and we still see people dying because of them.”

Illinois transportation officials are doing more to get the message across as well. They’ve produced an ad which parodies 70’s cop shows to drive home the fact that no one is invincible.

Highway officials say not only are traffic deaths on the rise-but holiday weekends are especially dangerous.

“Labor Day weekend historically has high amount of traffic crashes and late at night with an unacceptable amount of them involving drinking,” said Public Information Officer of the Illinois Department of Transportation Gianna Urgo. “Last year, 13 people lost their lives this holiday weekend with 3 of them being drivers who have tested positive for alcohol in their system.”

Urgo says that the cause of this rise in numbers is the lowering of gas prices. She also says almost all of these deaths are preventable.

“Buckle up, drive safely, avoid distractions, put down your cell phone, remain alert, pay special attention when driving through work zones and observe the posted speed limit,” said Urgo.

“Every time you pull a drunk off the road or get somebody to buckle up or reduce their speed, it’s always a win,” said Heintz.

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