Janesville Police say the shooting in the hotel Tuesday night was an armed robbery that escalated.

Janesville Police and Rock County Sheriff’s deputies swarmed the Holiday Inn Express in Janesville Tuesday night.  This after 2 gunshots went off inside.  The suspected shooter, 20 year-old Latoya Hill investigators say she didn’t know the victim, but the two were engaging in illegal activity.

Sergeant Chad Pearson of the Janesville Police said,  “It was an arranged prostitution meet.  That’s what this ended up being.”

Sergeant Pearson said Hill posed as a prostitute… but, never intended on going through with the deal.  As the two were in a hotel room, Pearson says hill pointed a gun at the victim and took the victim’s cash.  That’s when things escalated.

Pearson added, “Miss Hill presented a firearm, she brought it to that location.  During that disturbance, the firearm shot off two different times.  It did not strike our victim, but it did come close.  That disturbance spilled out into the hallway.

Those bullets struck the walls.  Moments later, a good samaritan staying just a few doors down rushed in to help.

Pearson said, “The good samaritan jumped into action and assisted the two and pulled the gun away.”

Once disarmed, Pearson says Hill took off.  No one was hurt.

Pearson adds, “It’s unfortunate that it happens in our community, and in any community for that matter.”

Hill now faces charges for attempted homicide and armed robbery.  Police say she drives a 2003 red Chevy Monte Carlo with temporary wisconsin plates.  The plate number is A-B-M-5-9-6-8.