Janesville Police Visiting Homes of Known Gang Members


Janesville police Sergeant Chad Pearson says his street crimes unit has made more than 100 visits to home of alleged gang member since bringing back the program four weeks ago.

He says, “There’s a handful that are unappreciative of us of our efforts, but for the most part the greater majority are very appreciative to talk to us.”

They use those connections to get information on potential problems. Pearson explains, “We’re looking to find out one if they’re still associating with the organizations that we have on records second, we’re trying to find out from them if there’s any problems within the community.”

He says they use different strategies to spot gang members. He says, “[We look] through past contacts and reports, social media information, tattoos, the color clothing that they’re wearing. Hand signals or gestures we may see.”

Police will also help those wanting to turn their lives around. They will offer to help them remove any gang tattoos, find them employment, and try to move them out of a troubled neighborhood.

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