Janesville woman awakens to find stranger in her bedroom


JANESVILLE, WIS. (WTVO) – A Janesville woman got a rude awakening Sunday night when she found a stranger at her bedroom door.

Megan Schutte was laying in bed in the Janesville home she shares with her boyfriend and five- and seven-year-old sons when she felt that something was off.

“It is just scary,” Schutte said. “I finally got the courage to look and the first time I looked, it was just kind of a peak, I hardly moved. And that is when I saw the person standing there, at our bedroom door.”

Schutte said that the intruder took off after she sat up in bed. She believes that the intruder entered through the back door and passed by the bedroom of her two sons.

“So, at the top of the stairs, you see two sleeping children and I’m just shocked somebody still proceeds to go down the stairs,” Schutte said. “My motherly instinct tells me he was there on some creepy weird stuff.”

Though the Janesville Police Department is looking into the incident and hope to get fingerprints off of a soda can the intruder left behind, Schutte said that her house does not feel safe and she has a message for the intruder:

“It is scary and it sucks to be afraid in your own home,” Schutte said. “His action has a bigger impact than he thinks and maybe he does not care, or he will never care, but I still hope he does not have to go through it, because I would not wish this on my worst enemy.”

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