Keeping Kids Safe Makes a Stop in the Stateline to Provide Families With Free Fingerprints

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Several families visited the Lou Bachrodt auto mall in Rockford.

But, they’re not looking for a new car.

They’re trying to ensure the safety of their children… By getting them fingerprinted.

“I thought it was going to be fun and it is,” said 12-year old Addysen West, talking about how easy the process was.

It’s a precaution just in case the unthinkable happens… And they go missing.

“Anytime that there’s a situation where someone is reported missing,” said Lytishya Borglum, the National Director for Keeping Kids Safe. “This information can come in handy.”

Keeping Kids Safe is an organization that fingerprints kids for free.

Families take home a record of their children with their photograph for safekeeping.

“The more we can do to help families be prepared so that if that emergency comes up, they have as much information immediately available to local law enforcement the better.”

The fingerprints can help authorities find missing children.

“Fingerprints are obviously the best identification for people of any age, and especially I think it’s important for children because their looks change radically in a pretty short period of time so having fingerprints could be a really invaluable tool,” said Winnebago County Sheriff’s Senior Deputy Dennis Lingbeck.

Lingbeck has personally worked on several missing child cases.

He says a little preparation can go a long way.

“They just want to go out and look for their kid. And they want us to be out looking for their kid,” he said. “If they have prepared at least in some way with the fingerprinting with the other kinds of advice that we can give them, that can only help in that situation, it could be vital. It could be absolutely vital. It could be the only link we have.”

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