Keurig debuts single-serving, cocktail-making machine

Coffee machine maker Keurig and beermaker Anheuser-Bush are teaming up to create the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig, which dispenses premixed cocktails and beer instead of coffee.

 The Drinkworks Home Bar retails for $299 and uses single-serve pods which go for $3.99 each, or $15.99 for four, Endgadget reports.

The company says it will launch with 24 different beverages, including beer, cider, sangria, Moscow mule, margarita, mojito, and Long Island Iced tea.

Basically, it works like a Keurig coffee maker, but instead of heating water, the machine cools it, and mixes it with C02 from a disposable canister.

The machine reads the code on the pod to mix the water and carbonation based on the drink recipe. A companion app tells the owner when the machine is running low on its ingredients.

The machine began taking preorders on Tuesday in the St. Louis area for a November 19th launch. If all goes well, Drinkworks should expand nationwide in 2019.


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