Kids Discover Career Opportunities at the Discovery Center


A hockey player. A nurse. A baker. A builder. All occupations children visiting the Discovery Center were asked to consider for careers.

Discovery Center Marketing Director Ann Marie Walker says, “A lot of children, I think, come from an environment where they may not see a lot of options. So, it’s important for us to provide those ideas.”

Patricia Mason is a registered nurse with SwedishAmerican Health System. She and other local professionals took time out from their regular work day to talk to kids about what they do and answer their questions, and she got some tough ones.

Mason says the children asked her, “Why do you want to be a nurse? Why didn’t you bring real shots with you? Are the teddy bears really sick? So we’re getting a few questions.”

Dianne Larson is a Kindergarten teacher at the STEAM Academy at Haskell. She wants her students to enjoy spending time in the classroom.

Larson says, “Learning can be fun it does not have to be paper, pencil, paper, pencil.”

Especially when you have shaving cream!

“We use it at school to practice writing our names and making letter formations, number formations and shapes and things like that.” , says Larson. Introducing kids to various careers at a young age can help them learn that with education, anything is possible.

Walker says, “If you’re curious. If you pay attention in school. And if you pay attention to the world around you then just about anything is possible.”

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