Kids Meet Cops at 3rd Annual Rockford Safety Camp


Kids got an up close and personal look inside a Rockford police squad car on Tuesday, as part of the third-annual Rockford Safety Camp.

Police officers warned kids of the dangers they may encounter, “The different dangers, associated with water, electricity, animals. It’s good for them to also know when and when not to call 911,” said Officer Curtis Sockwell.

11-year-old Victoria Brown has attended the camp for three summers now.

“It’s important for us to know the rules, and know that as long as we do everything, the law, what we’re supposed to, then the police don’t have no problems,” said Victoria Brown.

The children even got to learn CPR. “You can keep other people safe, you can keep yourself safe and if everybody did this every would be safe,” Jordyn Currin.

They also got hands-on experience with some of the fire department’s equipment, like their hoses and their uniforms.

Sockwell says he feels this is an important way to strengthen relationships with kids in the community. “It builds a relationship with us and them and that’s great, because we want kids to be able to embrace us and feel like it’s okay to come up to an officer, and talk to us. We’re not the enemy, we’re here to help,” said Sockwell. “We want them to know that we’re their friends, just like anyone else.”

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