FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — Kiahna Clark would have been starting her junior year in high school this year. Instead, almost one year ago, she was shot and killed in broad daylight.

Her sister, Alysha, says the past year without her has been strange, and life doesn’t feel the same without her.

“Like for some reason at my (child’s) gender reveal, you always get that feeling of that something is going to happen and I got a feeling like, ‘oh, I need to take pictures with everybody, because I never know when their last moment was,'” she said.

Alysha added that the last thing Kiahna said to her was that she loved her.

Kiahna was standing on a porch, at a home on Cherry Avenue in Freeport, when she and another girl were shot.

“I probably feel more empty, because like she looked up to me,” Alysha said. “Even though I looked up to her. She was my little sister. She was always there by my side, so it is weird not having her here.”

Alysha described her Kiahna as a young girl who loved to dance, who was sassy, funny, and had a big personality, and that she loved her family and being an aunt.

“She said she wanted to go to a Rod Wave concert, so once his shows start to come back up, we were going to do a VIP ticket when we go there, wear his shirts, take a picture with him to make it seem like she actually made it to the concert,” she said.

Freeport Police have not made an arrest in Kiahna’s murder.

Police Chief Matt Summers said, “Unfortunately, this is still an open case. The detective bureau and gang unit continue to follow up on information as it comes in.”

The Clark family says they want justice.

“It just kinda sucks that everybody else’s murder is getting solved in our town and just not hers,” Alysha said. “She was only 16, so I just want her to be at peace. That’s what I want, something she deserves, at least, to know who did it.”

The family plans to honor her life this Saturday with the release of orange-colored balloons, her favorite color. They also plan to mark the one year anniversary of her passing with a lantern release on Monday.