Kinnikinnick School Presents Pro-Kids Show


    It’s part magic, part comedy, with a lot of audience participation. Tim Hannig’s Pro-Kids Show is more than just entertainment.

“P-R-O, people respecting others”

    The program reminds students of the importance of learning good character traits.

     Kinnikinnick School Principal Shaun Newmes says, “It’s more than just educating on math, reading, writing. It’s a lot more of how do you act? How do you respond in situations? And that’s an important piece.”

“A pro kid always shows a teacher they are ready to … help!!!”

    The show is designed to help kids think about the choices they make each day.

    Pro-Kids Show Tim Hannig says, “My show is taking a positive approach. Pro stands for ‘People Respecting Others’. So I’m just encouraging kids to do the right thing. Treat others the way they want to be treated. Don’t give up when things are hard. Do the right thing when no one’s watching. Hopefully messages any parent would want their child to hear.”

    Messages Hannig delivers in a fun way by engaging the students with humor and magic. Kids learn important character traits at a time when many face modern day pressures from social media, bullying, and even drugs and gangs.

    Central Christian Church Pastor Cory Williams says, “Being a young person I think is really hard. But learning how to be a young person of character is such an important quality even at a young age. And I think they’re capable of doing that. So it’s really cool.”

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