Kinzinger wins 16th Congressional District nomination

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Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger defeated his primary challenger James Marter to remain the Republican candidate for Illinois’ 16th Congressional District seat. He will now face his Democratic opponent in the general election on November 6th.

Kinzinger has represented the 16th District for the past six years, since 2014. His platform touts a balanced budget and ending the United States’ reliance on other nations for energy sources.

Kinzinger says, “I believe in spending less money, I’m pro-life, I’m pro-Second Amendment. You go all the way down the line, I was the first member of Congress to say we need to bomb ISIS. That’s important. I follow, right down to what Republicans believe.

“In a recent Eyewitness News interview, Kinzinger drew the distinction between he and his opponent on the issue of gun safety, on which Kinzinger is willing to consider additional laws to ban ‘bump stocks’ and raising the minimum age to purchase a gun.

“I believe it’s worth talking about, raising the age to purchase an AR (ArmaLite Rifle-15, commonly the AR-15) to twenty-one,” Kinzinger says. “If you can’t drink a beer until you’re twenty-one, I think it makes sense that you couldn’t by an AR until you’re twenty-one. And, [I think] obviously, fixing the background checks system.”

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