Lack of snow impacting local snow removal services


The warmer winter weather is not good for area businesses who perform snow removal, as two local business owners told us they’re getting frustrated with Mother Nature.

Amy Gehrke, owner of Andy’s Landscaping, says the lack of snow is proving to be a nuisance for her business.

“It’s really difficult for budget purposes, keeping your employees busy,” she said.

While snow removal isn’t the only service that Andy’s Landscaping offers, it is a big piece of their yearly budget.

“That is the extra revenue that gets you over the hump of the season before and really helps you project what you’re going to do for the next season,” Gehrke said.

Preparing a seasonal budget is something Anthony Williams, owner of Fish’s Services, knows all too well.

“We budget in the Spring, so most of the money that comes first in the spring, for landscaping, we kind of put that up for the winter, so we’ll have an emergency stash, just for when we don’t have snow or something like that,” Williams said.

The two businesses depend on snowfall to keep their businesses running throughout the year.

“This year, basically, because of the lack of snow and the lack of people not wanting to get work done because of jobs, is pretty impactful,” Williams added.

Right now, both businesses are doing odd jobs and salting just to get by.

“This year’s been basically [about] getting the bills paid and maintain[ing],” Williams said.

Both companies are making plans for next season.

“I’ll probably always have something to do with snow removal, whether I do it myself or I sub[contract] it out to [other companies],” Williams said.

In addition to laying salt, both companies’ owners said they’re doing their best to keep busy, including offering leaf and tree removal.

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