Lake Shore Drive officially renamed Jean Baptiste Point du Sable Lake Shore Drive


(WGN) — BREAKING UPDATE: In Friday evening’s City Council meeting, Lake Shore Drive was officially renamed Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable Lake Shore Drive.

It was passed 33-15 by aldermen.

Original story:

CHICAGO — A city council that has been at odds with Mayor Lori Lightfoot is set to reconvene Friday afternoon after an explosive meeting Wednesday.

Tempers flared during Wednesday’s meeting, that resulted in nearly half of the council writing Lightfoot a letter saying she has not been following the rules and she is manipulating the Democratic process.

The council meeting saw a heated exchange between the mayor and Ald. Jeanette Taylor after Lightfoot pushed to confirm her new top lawyer Celia Meza.

“You saw how she talked to me. I am not a child, I’m a grown woman. I do not work for Mayor Lori Lightfoot. We are co-workers and when she understands that this city will move forward. This is about corporation council is supposed to work for the city, not the mayor and too often they side with her and their mistreatment of Anjanette Young. This is to teach you a lesson about you have to work with us. That’s her responsibility and her duty to the city of Chicago,” said Ald. Taylor after Wednesday’s meeting.

Some council members objected to Lightfoot’s move. Mostly because of how Meza has handled settlement negotiations with the victim of a 2019 botched police raid, Anjanette Young.

“In light of everything going on with Ms. Anjanette Young, Alderman Taylor and I move to defer and publish this item,” Ald. Raymond Lopez said.

Young recently refused a $1,000,000 settlement, and Meza moved to dismiss her case.

The mayor was upset so the meeting was cut short, without any of the city’s business having been accomplished, like the renaming of part of Lake Shore Drive to honor Jean Baptiste Point DuSable — a Black man recognized as a key settler of the city.

After the meeting, Lightfoot blamed some of the council members and blasted them in a statement saying a small group brazenly created a spectacle which resulted in a disserve to their constituents.

“You cannot continue to put your foot on people on people’s necks and expect not to get a George Floyd response from it,” said Ald. David Moore.

Ald. Moore says he does expect to have the votes to approve the renaming of Lake Shore Drive.

They are expected to vote on a compromise hybrid name, Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive – but only if the vote happens Friday.

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