PORTLAND, Ore. (WTVO) — A landlord was left dead after a September dispute with one of his tenants.

Justin Valdivia, 46, was fatally stabbed with a sword on September 15 after sneaking into the house while dressed as Michael Myers, the iconic villain from the Halloween series, according to Willamette Week.

Valdivia, who owned the house, had been living with his wife in a second home at the back of the lot. He had rented the house to four tenants, and was stabbed by a former tenant who had just moved out and was staying as a guest.

The relationship between Valdivia and the tenants had reportedly deteriorated in the weeks leading up to the killing. He had apparently twice threatened them with a knife, according to police, and had tried breaking into the house at 4 a.m. while drunk.

Another tenant had moved out earlier in the month due to Valdivia’s behavior, but the guest had decided to stick around. He kept a sword in the living room couch and had set up a makeshift alarm by leaning a painting, with a shoebox on top, against the backdoor. Prosecutors said that “it would fall and create a lot of noise if the door was opened.”

The guest was in the living room around 1 a.m. when he heard the shoebox hit the ground. Valdivia had entered using his key and dressed as Michael Myers, and was carrying a hammer and a handgun. The guest grabbed the sword and stabbed Valdivia, throwing the gun out of reach when Valdivia fell unresponsive to the floor.

Another resident helped the guest perform CPR after calling 911. Valdivia was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators discovered that the firearm was actually a pellet gun that had been painted black to resemble a real firearm. An obituary published for Valdivia said that he was known for his “obnoxious pranks.”

Both the county prosecutor and the investigator agreed that the killing was justified, as Valdivia was committing burglary while “wielding what appeared to be two dangerous and deadly weapons,” according to a memo.