Lawmaker proposes dress code for parents at schools


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (KRON) – Sorry dad, no cargos allowed! 

A lawmaker in Memphis, Tennessee is proposing a code of conduct for parents statewide. 

State Rep. Antonio Parkinson is behind the legislation that would not only allow school districts to formulate a dress code for parents and visitors, but also create rules against fighting and being present while under the influence. 

Parkinson told WREG he came up with the idea after he received several complaints about parents showing up to school in “suggestive” attire when picking up their children. 

“I’ve heard some concerns from principals. They say you’d be surprised at some of the stuff you see,” he told WREG. 

“There was a parent that came into the school and the parent was in their lingerie and there were body parts exposed,” Parkinson told WMC. “This was an elementary school and that’s a real issue.”

Parkinson says the bill would permit each school district to come up with their own dress code. 

The dress code would also be displayed on school campuses visible to everyone. 

What are your thoughts on a dress code for parents? 

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