Keeping students in Illinois safe from harm is the goal of new legislation introduced in Springfield.

State Representative LaShawn Ford (D), a former Chicago Public Schools teacher, introduced a plan to prevent school shootings.

The “Safe Spaces in Public Places Act” calls for metal detectors at every school and sporting event in Illinois.

Metal detectors can cost between three and five thousand dollars. 

Supporters of the act say the State would only need to pick up half the bill, and the other half would come from a new federal grant focused on school security.

Dr. James Mackenzie, a child psychiatrist, says the act is designed to give kids peace of mind.

“Hearing about them (school shootings), continuously being worried about them, continuously affects their learning, similar to not getting enough nutrition or sleep. So, it’s a serious problem. And this is a concrete step to protecting children in the state of Illinois,” he said.

The bill is being introduced during the fall veto session, which began yesterday.