Lawsuit Filed in Belvidere Worker’s Death

BELVIDERE — A lawsuit has been filed by the family of 21-year-old Jacob Frisella, who died last summer in an industrial accident at Belvidere’s Ventra plant.

The family alleges that Frisella had paused a Kimastle Corporation “MK74 Front Station” machine to realign vehicle parts when the machine suddenly and without warning restarted, crushing him in the machine.

The lawsuit claims that Kimastle Corporation improperly designed and installed the machine without adequate safety devices to prevent it from operating when workers must realign vehicle parts. They also allege an important safety device on the machine was programmed to be allowed to be overridden.  Ventra was not named in the complaint, which is attached above.

In a news release, attorney Matthew Simms of Rapoport Law Offices in Chicago said, “The time has come for those who make and install machinery in our factories to use proper care to end tragedies. Too many workers have lost limbs and worse due to careless manufacturers and it would not have cost Kimastle much to install this machine the right way instead of the wrong way. This was a fairly new machine and with today’s technology it is not difficult to provide workers like Mr. Frisella real safety.” Mr. Sims added “What happened to Jacob could have happened to anyone, he was just doing his job.”

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