VOLO, Illinois — Fasten your seat belt. We’re cruising up to Volo’s legendary Auto Museum.  The Lake County attraction drawing visitors from around the world. 

But it’s much more than just classic cars. 

“We have 200 to 300 cars on rotation nonstop and they sell about 1200 a year so there’s a constant flow of classic cars,” the museum’s Jim Wojdyla said.

Collectors buy and sell at Volo Auto Sales located about 50 miles northwest of Chicago.

You can buy a classic car or hot rod if you’ve got the cash and inclination.

Or take a U-Turn to the famous Volo Museum just steps away located on a 36-acre amusement park. It’s famous for its nostalgic collection of antique, classic and muscle cars.   

It’s more than just cars, though.  The Jurassic Gardens attraction featuring 45 animatronic dinosaurs. There’s also a colorful antique mall.

“And then we added a carousel and Disney characters,” Wojdyla said. “And we just kept growing and growing.”

Volo Museum regularly adds exhibits, including a new Titanic display with $5 million dollars’ worth of period automobiles.  

“We have over 50 Hollywood cars and these are screen used,” Wojdyla said. “Some of the most iconic cars in all of film.”

Then there’s the hot rod roller skate and some of the quirkiest motorized vehicles you’ve ever seen like a two-story tall shopping cart and a 40-foot-long rolling piano tribute to singer Johnny Cash.

It’s high-octane fun for all ages when you visit the Volo Museum.