Local Businesses and Law Enforcement Doing Their Part to Keep Roads Safe During Winter Storm.


This winter storm is bringing in traveling concerns,  local businesses and law enforcement are doing their part to keep those on the road safe.

One of those business is M2 Landscaping owner Michael Rosella says the planing begins as soon as there is news of a snow storm.

“Oh yeah we do have a plan, all of our guys I talked to them this morning we are on stand by.”    

” We will probably lay some salt and wait for it to start and then I’ll call the guys up and we’ll all show up and do what we do best.” said Rosella.

Some areas in the Stateline could see up to a foot of snow.
Rosella adds his team his team works to salt the sidewalks and driveways to provide safety for their customers.

“If we know there’s going to be a ton of traffic, cars everywhere we’ll lay salt before that snow comes just so that there’s that barrier almost to prevent all that snow packing from turning into ice.” said Rosella.

The City of Rockford Public Works Department is set to deploy roughly 166 trucks to plow and salt main roads and drives.
Patrol Sgt. Jason Newell with the Winnebago Co. Sheriffs Department says people out driving should take extra precautions.

“If you have to go out maintain a reasonable speed there’s nothing so important that you’ve got to speed to. Even if the speed limit is only 55 miles an hour, you don’t have to do 55 miles an hour, 30 miles an hour just take the extra time to get there safely.”

Sgt. Newell also says people should keep an emergency kit just in case they find themselves in trouble.     

“Call for help, just know that the record services will be extra busy, take extra time stay in your car try not to walk up and down the roads because someone my not see you and run you over. “

Police also say people should be extremely cautions when driving near plow trucks, keep your distance, put the cellphones down and be aware of your surroundings.

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