Local Church Hosts Lecture On Sikh Religion


“If we’re going to get along here in the United States, we must know each other,” said Yvonne Page at Zion Lutheran Church Sunday.

Rockford’s Sikh Temple leader Baba Ji gave a lecture on the Sikh religion to Rockford residents at the church. The lecture was a part of Zion’s seven week series called ‘Honoring Our Neighbors Faith’.

“We’ve actually been going to different religions and different groups in the community,” said Zion Pastoral Intern Julie Barger.

“A lot of these different faiths we want to talk about because we want to understand more and then be able to connect with our people in the community,” added Barger. 

“The Sikh religion is tiny, small, it’s just five hundred years (old), people have a curiosity,” Sikh temple leader Baba Ji said.

Baba Ji talked to residents about the origination of the Sikh religion and it’s traditions. He says a better understanding can help people identify the misconceptions that may come up about the faith.

“A lot of people with the beard and turban, when they see us, they think we are radical, we are a terrorist,” Ji said. “So that’s why it’s important, (to have a) positive identification of the Sikh faith,” he added.

“I just feel like it’s so important to be able to learn that people who are different often times have very similar things to us,” Barger said. “That we want to be able to understand and to realize that we can be a community,” she added.

Yvonne Page was in attendance for the lecture, she agreed with Ji that an understanding can help bridge religious and cultural gaps.

“We must learn each other, we must try to understand each other, that’s the only way we are going to get along,” she said. “Stay with your religion, with your faith, but respect the feelings and the faith of others,” Ji said.

Zion Lutheran Church members will be touring Rockford’s Sikh Temple on April 6th to further their understanding of the Sikh religion.


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