Local dog trainer partners with a veterinarian to teach people animal CPR

For most pets owners, our furry friends are part of the family, but we don’t know how to help them when there’s an emergency.
We all know to call 911 if a person is in trouble and do CPR until paramedics arrive, but for a dog or cat, most owners don’t know how to help in desperate situations, so Loves Park Dog Trainer and a Veterinarian held an animal CPR workshop to train in helping their pets.
“So people could learn more about how to save a life if they have to,” Critsy Aldrich, owner of Miss Cristy’s Canine Academy, said. “A lot of dog owners don’t know how to do the heimlich, and a lot of dog owners don’t know what to do if their dog is choking.”
The pet CPR class had 25 spots.
For more information from Cristy about pet safety, head to her website.

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