Local expert, undecided voters weigh in on impact of first presidential debate


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The first presidential debate is a crucial moment for those who have yet to make their mind on who they will be voting for.

Matt DuPuis is NIU’s Debate Team coach. He says that the debate will offer the American public unfiltered access to the candidates defending their policies unscripted.

DuPuis recommends people fact check what the candidates say in real-time and encourages voters to take part in virtual watching parties to engage in discussions with people with different viewpoints.

“Watching by yourself is just confirmation bias you’re just going to cherry-pick the things you agree with and disregard the things that you don’t. If you’re not being challenged or at least being confronted with the topics that are there, it’s super easy to fit that into our existing information framework,” DuPuis said.

Some of the topics expected are the Supreme Court nominee, COVID-19 response, the economy, and race relations.

“I’m looking forward to hear how they are dealing with COVID and how they plan to move forward and how they plan to take care of the economy and everything going on in the world,” said Rockford Lutheran High School Senior Logan Villafuerte.

Rockford Lutheran School Senior Giana Caravello doesn’t know who she will vote for yet but she hopes this debate will offer her some clarity.

“I’m excited to see what they both have to say because I’m kind of in the middle right now. I don’t know what side I am on so I’m excited to learn more about both of them and see who fits the spot more,” Caravello said.


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