Local Harley-Davidson store manager shares motorcycle safety tips


Spring weather means driving with your windows down, more outdoor activities and motorcycles hitting the roads.

The sales manager at Kegel Harley-Davidson, Johnny Alex, says they have some tips for how everyone can safely share the roads.

“This time of year, people aren’t looking out for you,” Alex said. “They haven’t seen you in a long time and they might not still see you, so we got to be aware that our fellow drivers on the road behind the wheel of a car aren’t used to us being there.”

Alex says he has been riding since his dad taught him at 16-years-old. He says even with his years of experience after a long winter, he recommends all riders refresh themselves, now that spring is here.

“After 30 years of riding with my dad and his friends and customers, you pick up good habits and you pick up bad habits, so taking a class helps you get rid of those bad habits, even if it’s a six month break from fall to spring and we don’t get to ride,” Alex said. “Taking a refresher class is good for everybody.”

With the weather getting warmer, riders say look twice, save a life.

“The most dangerous place for a motorcycle is at the intersection,” motorcyclist Gary Noll said.

Noll has been riding since the 60’s He says more and more drivers are getting distracted behind the wheel and it’s not even fun anymore to hop on his bike for fear of getting hit.

“You just gotta really have your head at 360 degrees swivel, you got to be watching everything at all times, so it makes it a little harder to relax and enjoy the ride, but for safety sakes you have to really be on your toes,” Noll said.

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