Local lawmakers react to Comey’s decision


Count Clinton delegate Victory Bell among those who are happy with the outcome of the FBI’s investigation.

“I think now we’re in a prepared position to move forward and have a positive outcome so I’m really excited about that,” said Bell.

Bell believed from the start that the FBI was not going to have enough to prosecute the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate.

“Naturally, there were some mistakes made. Naturally they’re going to categorize that as careless and I think she understands that,” said Bell. “As a delegate, I certainly understand that.”

Republican State Representative John Cabello,, who’s also a delegate for Donald Trump, wouldn’t criticize the outcome of FBI Director James Comey’s investigation.

“He did not make recommendations to have her charged and I’m not going to berate them for that,” said Cabello.

U.S Representative Adam Kinzinger, says Clinton should have known better. In a statement to Eyewitness News, he said “Hillary Clinton put our national security at risk…Her severe lack of judgment in this situation and her blatant disregard for the rules…should disqualify [her] from higher office.”

Rockford University Political Science Professor, Bob Evans, watched as the FBI’s announcement came down. He says this came at an ideal time for Clinton.

“She’s free of that cloud over her head, so to speak. It would not have been a good picture to be coming off Air Force One with Obama and potentially be about to be indicted,” said Evans.

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