ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Many of us track our online orders, waiting for them arrive to our house. However, one local man is dreading them all because of one driver.

One after another, home security cameras catch a FedEx driver dropping and throwing deliveries to Vinny Rodriguez’s home.

“At first I thought it was a normal thing. It was just one or two boxes [but] it’s been happening constantly since the beginning of summer,” Rodriguez said.

Like one incident caught on camera, you can see the man drops a mini-fridge at the front door, then makes a gesture with his hands. When Vinny opened the box, the fridge was dented. But he says that FedEx told him that they were not responsible.

Rodriguez says, it’s not just him.

“We noticed that it wasn’t just our home that had their packages damaged it was actually other homes and I would say roughly 8 to 10 homes that had damage from the same Fed Ex trucker,” he explained. “This last one was a long box it was a bed frame and he dropped it and he shoved it and it hit my porch, the step and the siding and it cracked my siding.”

We reached out to FedEx, showing the company the videos. They responded, saying:

“The safe and secure transport of our customers’ shipments is a top priority. We are disappointed by the behavior depicted in the video and apologize to the customer for this delivery experience.”

“I just want someone to own up to it and just get it fixed. That’s all. It’s not that hard to deliver a package and just put it on my porch–that’s it,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez has actually filed two claims with FedEx over this driver and his deliveries but says he still hasn’t heard back.