Local Muslim Leader Reacts To Donald Trump’s Comments


The controversial GOP presidential front runner Donald Trump is once again catching a backlash. This time it’s for his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States for a short term.

Trump’s comments are not sitting well with many members of both the Democratic and Republican Parties, but Northern Illinois Tea Party Member Jane Carrell feels Trump is a breath of fresh air.

She says, “I know he’s saying what’s on a lot of people’s minds. But, of course, Mr. Trump has never been troubled by political correctness.”

The president of the Muslim Association of the Greater Rockford Area, Arshad Shaikh, believes Trump’s comments should canceled his ticket to the White House. 

He says, “Trump’s comments [have], from the very beginning of his campaign, been escalating, and his intent just seems to be spearheading an ideology of racist rhetoric that’s poisoning the mind of the American people.”
Shaikh is shocked by the amount of support Trump has received during his campaign. Trump is leading in most polls, and he recently sent out a tweet citing a poll showing many his supporters would vote for him if he ran as an Independent.

Shaikh says, “What I find most disturbing is his base of supporters, who stand and applaud when he spews out bigotry, by wishing to [deny Muslims] access to the United States, calling Mexicans rapist, or mocking a physically handicapped reporter.”

Carrell says she won’t vote for Trump in the primaries, but she will support him if he wins the nomination.

She says, “Even the people who don’t plan to vote for (Trump) have to thank him for raising some issues which were too hot to touch before.”

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