CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — Loyola University’s Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt has released a memoir.

She said that it covers what she has learned during her 103-year life.

That includes the importance of letting people know when they have done well.

“People need a pat on the back every once in awhile and we need praise. Sometimes we need correction, but it should be done in the right way,” Schmidt said. “When I talked to the basketball team, or when I talk to students when they come into my office, I never say to them ‘you did wrong.’ I say, ‘you made a mistake, don’t make the mistake again,’ because I think they get enough ‘you’ve done wrong’ at home, and they don’t need to hear that from me.”

It does not sound like Sister Jean is ready to retire, as her new book is called “Wake Up With Purpose!: What I’ve Learned In My First Hundred Years.”