2 duct-taped dogs found inside hot car in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (WTVO) – Two dogs were found tied in duct tape inside a hot, locked car Monday.

Rachele Bishop recorded video of the woman and her dogs that were found in the Planet Fitness parking off of Chippewa in south St. Louis, according to KSDK. Upon finding the dogs locked in the hot vehicle, Bishop reportedly called the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, who’s officers were occupied at the time, sending firefighters in their place.

While the sunroof of the car was open at the time, firefighters reported the dogs were taking shelter, one beneath a stroller and blanket, and the other underneath the front seat. The dogs were described as “wrapped up in plastic” at the time of discovery.

Bishop stated that the woman had claimed she had taped up her dogs to prevent them from chewing on themselves and to keep them from barking. Upon the arrival of an animal control supervisor, the woman was allowed to drive off with her dogs after she and the supervisors talked.

According to police officials, animal regulations officials determined that no crime was committed after conducting an investigation into the incedent.

Melanie Wade, who owns an animal grooming business as well as rescue dogs, had a different opinion on the matter after seeing Bishop’s video in one of her animal Facebook groups.

“Did you see that? Unbelievable,” Wade said. “They were taped. Their front legs taped down to their body. Their back taped together. Their back legs taped to them. Their muzzle taped on one dog, the other dog had a muzzle on under the front seat of her car. It is a crime, and if you do not think it is, let somebody duct-tape you, your face, your legs and your hands and stuff you under the seat of a car for 45 minutes in the St. Louis heat in the summer.”

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