2,800 players of Illinois Lottery’s Pick 4 win top prize

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(WTVO) — The odds were with lucky number seven, which hit across all four numbers of Wednesday night’s Illinois Lottery Pick 4 drawing, meaning every player who picked four 7’s won a top prize of $2,500 each.

“In many cultures around the world, seven is considered a lucky number,” the Illinois Lottery said in a statement, “and there will be no argument from those 2,800 lottery players who hit the big time last night.”

Each player will win a $2,500 portion of a $7 million prize.

“But why is seven considered a lucky number?” the Lottery mused in a statement. “It just seems to pop up everywhere – there are seven days in the week, and seven colors in a rainbow. There are seven continents, and seven wonders of the world and – you guessed it – seven deadly sins.”

The last time all sevens were drawn was six months ago, in May.

Winners can claim their prize on the Illinois Lottery website.

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