CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — Chicago accepted a busload of 40-50 migrants from Texas almost every day of July, city officials said.

Beatriz Ponce de León, Chicago’s deputy mayor for migrant, immigrant and refugee rights, said that the city has received 77 busloads of migrants from Texas this year, with 69 of those since May, according to Fox News.

“It’s been about one bus a day since July. On any given bus, we have 40 to 50 individuals. Some are singles, many are families, and as soon as they arrive, we move them into our police stations and then as quickly as we can, we move them into our shelters,” de León said. “We have no control over the buses. Folks are arriving at Chicago’s doorstep, and we’re a welcoming city, so we’re doing our best to welcome our new neighbors, to treat people with dignity, to help put them on a path where they can resettle here in the city.”

The migrants have come from Mexico, Venezuela, Africa and parts of Central America. Officials are looking at over 200 locations for shelters, allocating $51 million in financial aid to incoming migrants.

J. Darnell Jones, a resident of South Shore, filed a lawsuit to keep migrants from being housed at a local high school.

“They made those decisions without our input,” Jones said. “They did not ask us for whether we were we felt safe, or they didn’t have any plans in place to ensure that we were safe.”

In addition to Illinois, California, New York, New Jersey and Washington welcome migrants to their cities.