ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — More than 47,000 Illinois residents lost coverage from Medicaid on Tuesday.

About 13,000 of those who lost coverage are no longer eligible, and another 34,000 never responded to requests to prove their eligibility, according to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, recipients were asked to prove they were still eligible for the program to continue coverage.

The first renewal forms were sent out in April. Illinois has spread out its Medicaid renewals over a 12-month period, so there are multiple renewal dates. The first due date was set for June 1st, with a grace period of about two weeks following.

By the time the audit process ends, it is estimated that about 700,000 people in Illinois will lose Medicaid coverage.

Medicaid is a jointly funded state and Federal health insurance program. Medicaid estimates that 23-25% of the Illinois population are enrolled in the program.