POLO, Ill. (WTVO) — Dean Troutman started his journey on May 21 in Princeville, Illinois; just north of Peoria. Some 400 miles and three weeks later, he plans to arrive in Monroe, Wisconsin. All to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Oh, did we mention he’s 92-years old?

Troutman and his team are chronicling his journey, dubbed Troutman’s Trek, through Facebook.

On Saturday, Troutman crossed into Ogle County, reaching Polo Illinois by the afternoon. He rests at local fire departments before quickly moving on.

The fundraiser next goes to Foreston, before arriving in Freeport around June 6th.

Troutman’s trek starts in Princeville, near Peoria, and ends in Monroe, Wisconsin.

This isn’t the nonagenarian’s first rodeo, either. Troutman began fundraising in 2014, walking 700 miles around Illinois to raise money for Troutman Park, established in memory of his late wife, Dorothy (Peggy) Troutman, according to the Troutman Trek Facebook page

Troutman raised $70,000 to install a playground at the park.

In 2015, Troutman’s Trek 2 Memphis raised $10,000 by walking 500 miles from Princeville to Memphis, Tennessee.

“Be the heart. Be the feet. Be the hero!” is Troutman’s walking slogan, and he welcomes anyone who wishes to walk with him. So far, he has raised over $4,645.

Donations for “Dean Troutman walks for St. Jude” can be found here.