95% of businesses following COVID-19 mitigation measures, says Rockford Code Enforcement Team

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — As new Tier 3 restrictions are put in place, it’s up to local governments to enforce them. The City of Rockford has already been trying to ensure businesses follow the rules–and most of them are.

The Rockford Code Enforcement Team has been out in full force over the last several weeks.

They’ve investigated more than 200 businesses to see if they are complying with state-mandated mitigation measures. Here’s what we found out: Almost all of them were–about 95%.

About 5% were not in compliance and have received orders to disperse. However, only two businesses failed their inspections at least three times. The city says shutting down businesses is the last thing they want.

“That’s why we’re focusing on very basic, basic things: mask wearing for bars and restaurants keep a reservation log so if there’s a need for contact tracing we can do that. Provide hand sanitizer, we’ve had that requirement since March. Make sure we’re not packing people into establishments, any business. That’s basic stuff that we can all follow,” said Nick Meyer, a city legal director.

The city would not share who the two businesses are. They are subject to a $750 fine for each violation, pending a hearing with the city.


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