A post on Facebook says that if your caught using cell phone or even holding it while driving in 2020 in Illinois you will face a $999 fine and 3 year suspended license.

This is a fake post and has been circulating online for years… and names several states.

There are over 250 laws going into effect in Illinois starting January First, none of them have a $999 fine and only one mentions a cell phone: Streaming Video While Driving Ban (SB 86/PA 101-0297): Amends the Vehicle Code. Adds to the current ban on cell phone use while driving to state that drivers cannot operate a vehicle while watching or streaming video

In July 2019, House Bill 4846, took effect, which counts first-time incidences of driving while operating a handheld mobile device as a “moving violation.” Under state law, moving violations appear on motorists’ driving record, and drivers who receive three moving violations in a year see their driver’s license suspended.

First-time moving and non-moving violations both carry a fine of $75 dollars, which increases gradually with each additional offense.

Here is a full list of laws going into effect on January 1st.