ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford aldermen are considering a plan that would establish a “downtown social district” that would allow revelers to carry alcoholic drinks from one establishment to the other.

Business owners in the River District say they are excited by the idea.

Aakash Patel, who owns Cantina Taco, located in Stewart Square, at 117 S. Main Street, said the new amendment would positively change the culture of downtown Rockford.

“That I think would help downtown tremendously. As far as there’s a lot of workers here and the first thing they do is shoot straight out to go home. If you had more of a social district that could maybe entice them to stay, drink, eat, and then maybe go home,” Patel said.

Businesses within the River District would be able to opt-in or opt-out of the plan, which would allow drinks to be carried out on the street only in approved containers.

Patel says if the amendment passes, more customers would be drawn to the area.

“My dinner crowd here is sporadic. It depends on concerts, events, and stuff like that and my lunch obviously is very busy because of city workers, so if I could balance that out that would be great. I hope they do it right and hope that they provide a good place for people, a safe place for people to enjoy themselves,” he said.

The “social district” proposal is linked to another, that would allow alcohol at hookah lounges. The amendment was introduced at the last Rockford City Council meeting but put on pause to allow alderman more time to consider it.

The topic is set to be discussed again at tonight’s City Council meeting.