LOVES PARK, Ill. (WTVO) — The City of Loves Park is addressing some traffic issues.

Aldermen voted Monday night on whether a roundabout will eventually come to a busy intersection. The council voted 10-0 in favor of moving forward with the project, but the city said that it is just looking into the issue right now and no construction plans have been finalized.

“There’s been a lot of growth out east,” said city attorney Gino Galluzzo.

That growth is the main reason that Loves Park’s city council is looking into the intersection of Riverside Boulevard and Argyle Road. More people means more traffic. Council members approved a study Monday night that will look at how a roundabout would work in that area.

“There’s a lot of activity out there also with the growth in the area, including the sports complex that has brought a lot of teams out, so we felt the intersection design study is necessary in order to make sure traffic flows safely and smoothly in that intersection,” Galluzzo said.

Mercyhealth Sportscore Two sits on the corner of the intersection. Scott Pilkerton is the operations manager there, and he supports something being done.

“I think it’ll help the flow of traffic in and around the complex,” Pilkerton said. “If you go home that way, which is the way I exit the facility, you do have to wait quite a bit to turn left from ongoing traffic coming over the hill at a high rate of speed.”

The plan is still in the early stages, so no changes will come in the near future, according to Galluzzo.

“Currently, we’re just recommending a study to be done, to determine how can this be designed to work better, and identify how much land we’ll need in order to build the roundabout if one goes in there, and then from there we’ll move forward as to how it impacts people who live out there,” Galluzzo said.

The proposal states that the final design may limit access to surrounding neighborhoods, like Harvest Hills.