ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Voices of Inspiration Food Pantry is in need of support as they try to keep their location they’ve been staying at for years.

The Pantry feeds hundreds of Rockfordians with the help of more than one-hundred volunteers.

“We’re all volunteers and the ages range ranges from 14 to like 82. People come, I mean I come personally because I really enjoy helping people out, but I also enjoy working with other volunteers. Volunteers are kind of a different breed of people. They do what they’re supposed to do all day long then they give some extra time to give it back to the community. That’s kind of rare, really a treat to work with people like that,” said Jeff West a volunteer for nearly two years at Voices.

Now the pantry is looking for financial support. The non profit once shared their building with another organization which has recently moved out. Volunteers say with their location is key for those they help.

“Food is incredibly expensive right now and a lot of these people would just go hungry if they didn’t have us to get food from,” West said. “The bottom line, if they don’t get it from us they don’t get it, if they don’t have any money. Usually we get people in between their monthly checks.”

40% served by Voices are seniors with another 40% being younger than 18 years old. Most of their food comes from the Northern Illinois Food Pantry, but Voices of Inspiration gives out more than just food. This is anything from toiletries to vacuums and even bikes. This allows those struggling to still live a normal life.

“It’s very humbling I think to come to a food pantry cause sometime I think people look down on themselves and we try to do the opposite try to bring them up and we welcome them and we’re glad they come and we always welcome them back the following week,” West said.

Their location on Rockton Avenue is opened Tuesday and Thursday, but to stay up to date on what Voices of Inspiration is doing and how you can help or get involved visit their website and Facebook page.