ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Liam Foundation hosted its annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. The ceremony was held at the Unitarian Universalist church, where names of those in the Trans Community who lost their lives due to anti-transgender acts of violence.

“It’s time for us to reflect on the year and all the people that we’ve lost,” said Phyllis Gallisath, the Founder of the Liam Foundation. “The numbers grow. Every single year they get higher. They don’t go down and we see a lot of black trans women in those numbers. And we just want to raise awareness to that and bring that forward in people’s minds and understand that you know, these are people that we need to protect.”

November 20th Ceremonies are held across the country. Those in attendance heard about the history of the day from when it began in 1999. Liam Foundation aims to bring LGBTQ+ Awareness to the forefront here in the Stateline.

“They paid the ultimate price each and every one of them. They paid the ultimate price. So when you think about that, you say your sacrifices, is a alot, but it ain’t. It ain’t too much because you still here,” said Atlanta Clemons who has worked with the Liam Foundation for nearly 6 months.

Organizers say the day is about remembering those lost, but also about what can be done to change the future.

“Not only is it a time to remember those and honor those people who have passed, but also what things can we do?” Gallisath said. “Like what in the next coming year? How can we advocate and how can we bring more awareness and how can we help to possibly bring those numbers down? What can we do? Bringing awareness to that and holding space to honor those people’s lives.

The Liam Foundation hosts events all year round, for information on them visit their website or Facebook page.