ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Abortion clinics are moving from states with bans to those without, including Illinois, according to two reports published Wednesday.

Of the 27 new clinics that have opened in the past year in states protecting abortion, six are operated by providers who moved from restricted states.

Illinois, which has some of the strongest abortion protection laws in the nation, is also bordered by states that have banned abortions like Wisconsin, Kentucky and Missouri, making the state an ideal location for relocated abortion clinics.

“Where you see [clinics] opening are states that are as proximate as possible to the ban states, but also relatively safe for the providers who want to know they can stay open for a while,” Middlebury College professor Caitlin Myers told the Washington Post.

CHOICES, an abortion clinic for nearly 50 years in Memphis, opened a second clinic in Carbondale last fall.

Diane Derzis, operator of several clinics throughout the country, plans to open a new clinic in Chicago soon.

“I’m working as hard opening clinics as they are shutting them down,” Derzis said.